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There is an increase in the prevalence of anemia in adolescents; from 22.7% (Riskesdas 2013) increased to 32% in the 2018 Riskesdas survey. The purpose of this study was to determine various risk factors for anemia in young women in several countries. Research method with literature review, secondary data sources (google scholar, pubmed, Sciencedirect. Results: from the review of articles in this study, the prevalence of anemia ranged from 20% to 47.7%. Research in Utar Paradesh India was 20%, in Ethiopia was 29.4% and the highest in Pakistan (2019) of 47.9% consisting of mild anemia 47.7%, moderate anemia 51.7% and severe anemia 5.7%. In Jordan the prevalence of anemia is 4.9% in men, 19 .3% in non-pregnant women, and 27.4% in pregnant women. Conclusion: in this literature study it was found that the factors affecting anemia in female adolescents were higher in the late adolescent phase, those who lived in rural areas, parents' education, socioeconomic level low number of family members, menstrual disorders and low intake of nutrients (micronutrients).For this reason, increasing education-based health education in schools is effective in increasing knowledge, attitudes and behavior in preventing anemia yes ng can make a real contribution in overcoming priority public health problems.</em></p> Rika Ariana Rahman, Nur Alam Fajar Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1403 Sat, 06 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Determinants of Neonatal Death in Aceh Mother and Child Hospital https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1510 <p>Neonatal mortality is an important issue to receive attention because neonatal death not only affects infant mortality rates but also has an impact on society. This research wants to examine the determinants of neonatal death in the Mother and Child Hospital (RSIA) Aceh. This type of research is analytic with a case-control design. The case population in this study were all babies who were born and died at the age of 0-28 days, both those born at the Aceh Mother and Child Hospital (RSIA) and those referred to the Aceh Mother and Child Hospital (RSIA) from January to October 2022. totaling 108 people. The sample in this study was 216 babies consisting of 108 case babies and 108 control babies. Data analysis used a logistic regression test. The results showed that the factors that had a significant value (P value &lt;0.05) with neonatal mortality were low birth weight (OR= 5.5; 95% CI 2.35 – 12.23), premature (OR= 0.36; 95% CI 0.13 – 0.96), jaundice (OR= 0.20; 95% CI 0.09 – 0.43), and sepsis (OR= 9; 95% CI 4.41 – 20.89), age mother &gt; 35 years (OR 0.43; 95% CI 0.19 – 0.94), neonatal referral (OR= 0.01; 95% CI 0.00 – 0.17) and long-distance ANC (OR= 6 .6; 95% CI 2.82 – 15.63), length of stay in the emergency room ≥ 30 minutes (OR= 0.15; 95% CI 0.73 – 0.31), length of stay 1-5 days (OR= 4.3; 95% CI 2.17 – 8.78). This study concludes that sepsis is the most associated factor with neonatal mortality in RSIA. It is recommended that related parties to improve the quality of ANC services according to standards and improve the quality of PONEK (Comprehensive Emergency Neonatal Midwifery Services).</p> Nurhayati Nurhayati, Asnawi Abdullah, Maidar Maidar, Hermansyah Hermansyah, Radhiah Zakaria Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1510 Wed, 03 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Analysis of Innovation and Technology in Eye Hospital Outpatient Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1629 <p><strong><em>ABSTRACT</em></strong></p> <p><em>The pandemic has had an impact on efforts to provide services at eye hospitals. The implications are related to services with the role of outpatient service preparedness and technological innovation. <strong>Objective:</strong> By Knowing the various management of outpatient services in eye hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is hoped that it can help increase patient safety rates and reduce the occurrence of errors in handling COVID-19. <strong>Method:</strong> The method used in the research is a literature review. Article searches use keywords, namely "eye hospital" and "outpatient" and "innovation" or "service" and "COVID-19". This reference is based on two database sources, namely Google Scholar and Science Direct in the last 5-year publication period (2019-2023). Selection of literature sources is carried out based on inclusion and exclusion criteria, source credibility, and relevance to the topic being discussed. Using this method, 173 selected literatures were selected resulting in 5 selected literatures<strong>. Results:</strong> From the selected literature, several innovations and technologies were found that can be used for services in eye hospitals during the pandemic, starting from the use of patient self-registration platforms, long-distance treatment, examinations with a combination of video and face-to-face consultations, telehealth and ride-hailing services -hailing, as well as teleophthalmology services with video consultation during the pandemic. The application of innovation and technology has proven to be effective and has had a positive impact on services at eye hospitals. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> Adjusting conditions and using technology to provide services to patients in eye hospitals during the pandemic can be done by using self-registration platforms, telemedicine, combined video and face-to-face consultation examinations, telemedicine-based services, and teleophthalmology video consultation services.</em></p> Chika Andreasih, Inge Dhamanti Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1629 Tue, 02 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Implementation of Seiri, Seiso, Seiton, Seiketsu, Shitsuke, and Good Manufacturing Practices in the Blow Molding Unit of Company X https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1789 <p><em>The manufacturing industry must have competent and qualified human resources to be able to produce products that meet standards so that the company can the highest possible profit. Companies must not only be supported by adequate infrastructure, but also by a good and optimal work culture. The form of support provided is the implementation of 5S (Seiri, Seiso, Seiton, Seiketsu, Shitsuke) and GMP. (Good Manufacturing Practices). The study aims to analyze the application of 5S and GMP to the Blow Molding Unit at Company X. This is a quantitative descriptive study. The study was conducted in an observational manner aimed at observing the working environment conditions of the Blow Molding Unit directly according to the actual conditions. The research location is one of the plastic manufacturing companies that manufactures cosmetic packaging. The research was conducted in December 2023. Data collection is done by observation methods, interviews, and documentation. The results of this study show that applications with the category "Good" (≥ 85) were obtained on the aspects of Seiri, Seiton, Shitsuke, and Good Manufacturing Practices. This research concludes that the application of Seiri, Seiton, Shitsuke, and Good Manufacturing Practices has met the targets set by the company. The advice from this study is to optimize the implementation of internal audits, monitor operators, and reward operators who successfully implement 5S and GMP.</em></p> Sabila Putri Ayu Kusuma, Endang Dwiyanti Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1789 Mon, 22 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Impact of Red Guava and Beetroot Ice Cream on Teenage Females' Hemoglobin Levels https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1383 <p><em>The emergence of nutritional problems in children is closely related to the preparation of a woman's health and nutrition to become a prospective mother, in this case, a young woman. The results of the Nutrition International survey in 2018 found cases of anemia in young women in West Java by 41.93%, this is in line with the target coverage of giving blood-added tablets to adolescent girls which is still low (25.2%) and still below the target of West Java. (52%). Intervention efforts are needed to prevent anemia by optimizing the provision of iron-containing foods in addition to giving blood-added tablets. The purpose of this research is to determine the effect of beetroot ice cream and red guava on the hemoglobin levels of adolescent girls. The method used is a quasi-experimental approach with a one-group pre-post design approach. The sample in this study was 30 respondents with a purposive sampling technique with inclusion criteria of mild and moderate anemia who did not suffer from a disease that could cause anemia. Determination of anemia by measuring hemoglobin levels using the POCT (Point of Care Testing) method. The analysis technique uses frequency distribution, normality test, and bivariate test using the Wilcoxon test through SPSS computer software. The results showed that all respondents (100%) had mild anemia before being given beetroot and red guava ice cream. There is a significant change with p-value 0.000 &lt; alpha value (0.05). It can be concluded that giving beetroot ice cream and red guava if consumed regularly and appropriately can reduce the incidence of anemia, so it is hoped that this can be used as a policy toward intervention in adolescent girls with anemia.</em></p> Dewi Nurlaela Sari, Yanyan Mulyani, Antri Ariani Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1383 Sat, 06 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Disabilities and Patient Safety : Literature Study https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1443 <p><em>Improving the safety of vulnerable patient groups in health care is a priority. Patients with disabilities are among the most vulnerable groups. Persons with disabilities have more complex and extensive healthcare needs than non-disabled patients. This literature review aims to identify the types of patient safety incidents that can be used in patients with disabilities. The keywords "patient safety" and "disability" were used to search the Pubmed and Google Scholar databases for articles. The final results revealed four articles that met the inclusion criteria. The findings revealed that patients with disabilities are still frequently subjected to patient safety incidents such as falls, medication errors, infections, burns, and fluid leaks beneath the skin. According to the findings of the analysis using the Donabedian framework, there are still many problems that occur in structural components and processes, which can have an impact on the results obtained. Because of their vulnerability and uniqueness, patients with disabilities are more vulnerable to patient safety incidents. Furthermore, the issue of disability and patient safety remains the primary concern, so studies on disability and patient safety are still limited.</em></p> Inge Dhamanti, Andriyani Larasati Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1443 Sun, 31 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Determinant Analysis of People with Mental Disorders (ODGJ) Re-hospitalization at Lampung Province Mental Hospital https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1560 <p><em>The burden of disease in Indonesia from mental disorders is 13.4%. People with re-hospitalized mental disorders become a burden on the family, and the determinants of this behavior include age, gender, education, and work and family knowledge. The study aimed to analyze the determinants of rehospitalization at the Regional Psychiatric Hospital Lampung Province. Methods; This type of quantitative research with cross-sectional design. The family population of ODGJ. The research sample comprised 404 people who completed interviews with 5 informants. Data analysis used univariate, bivariate (chi-square) multivariate analysis (multiple logistic regression). Result; there was no relationship between age (p= 0.459), gender (p= 0.251), and occupation (p=0.191) with rehospitalization. Meanwhile, the education variable (p=0.018; OR=2.060) and family knowledge (p=0.000; OR=3.107) showed a significant relationship with rehospitalization. The results of multivariate analysis showed that the most dominant determinant of rehospitalization was family knowledge (p=0.000; OR=3.04) after controlling for education variables. Conclusions and Suggestions: Age, gender, and occupation are not determinants of rehospitalization while education and knowledge of the family are determinants of rehospitalization in the Lampung Provincial Hospital. This study suggests education about the benefits of re-hospitalization: Provide clear and comprehensive information to patients and their families about the benefits of re-hospitalization.</em></p> David, Bambang Setiaji , Achmad Djamil , Aila Karyus , Dewi Rahayu Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1560 Tue, 02 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Estimating the Shelf Life of Nupate (Patin Tempe Nuggets) Using the ASLT (Accelerated Shelf Life Test) Method with the Arrhenius Approach https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1650 <p><em>Patin fish nuggets are a processed form of fish that is finely ground, mixed with a binder and spices, then steamed and molded. 12 Nuggets are often added to other food ingredients to increase nutritional value, one of which is tempeh. It is hoped that the nutritional content of catfish and tempeh can meet nutritional intake needs, especially protein so that they can be an alternative to highly nutritious processed foods, however, there are problems in their use, namely that these two food ingredients are easily damaged, so that they remain available in the community they can be made into processed foods. One way to see the quality of food is to calculate its shelf life. This research aims to estimate the shelf life of Nupate (Patin Tempe Nuggets) using the ASLT method, with the Arrhenius approach, namely assessing the shelf life of food ingredients using water content as a critical point. The research was carried out at the integrated laboratory of the Riau Ministry of Health Polytechnic. The research results showed that the selected formula was P3, and then the water content was tested using thermography. The result of measuring the water content is 40.43%, which means it meets the requirements of SNI 7758:2013, namely less than 60%, then stored at a temperature of -5, a temperature of -10, and a temperature of -15, the higher the storage temperature, the higher the water content. contained therein, the lower the storage temperature, the lower the water content in it. The shelf life at -5 is 4 months, -10 is 6 months and -15 is 8 months. The research suggestion is to carry out microbiological, and chemical tests and packaging and labeling processes.</em></p> Hesti Atasasih, Irma Susan Paramita, Dewi Rahayu Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1650 Thu, 18 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Effect of Health Education with Video Media on Public Knowledge about the Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1336 <p><em>COVID-19 was a global problem with the total number of cases found increasing every day. One of the actions to stop the increase in COVID-19 is the 5M effort (wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, and reducing mobility) through education using video tools. The purpose of this research is to find out about changes in education using tools for public insight into preventing the spread of COVID-19 at the Sidomulyo Inpatient Health Center Pekanbaru. This type of research is quantitative, using the pre-experimental design method, one group pretest-posttest, and using a statistical analysis test depending on the sample t-test with 35 samples using Nonprobability Sampling. This study shows the characteristics of respondents with female gender totaling 29 (82.9%), high school education level amounting to 22 (62.9%), and housewife occupation amounting to 16 (45.7%). The results of this study obtained the mean pre-test (8.63) and the mean post-test (15.20) P value 0.000 &lt;0.05, indicating that there is an effect of health education using video tools on public knowledge regarding the prevention of COVID-19 transmission. Health services should make health education an intervention to increase public knowledge. </em></p> Alfiatun Wahidah, Bayu Saputra, Rani Lisa Indra Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1336 Sun, 31 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Factors Related to Soil-Transmitted Helminth Infection In Elementary School Students https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1411 <p><em>Soil-transmitted helminth (STH) is a group of intestinal nematodes that are transmitted through the soil. STH infection can affect all ages, but the highest rate is found in elementary school children, which is 60-80%. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between risk factors and STH infection. This type of research is an analytical survey with a Cross-Sectional approach. Examination of worm eggs using the Kato-Katz method. The population is 197 students. The sample is public elementary school students with a total sample of 100. The inclusion criteria are grade 4 and 5 elementary school students in Lalan sub-district. The exclusion criteria are not grade 4 and 5 elementary school students in Lalan sub-district. The test was performed with a Chi-square test with an alpha of 0.05. The results of the study were 28 (28%) infected with STH. Chi-Square statistical test showed a relationship between gender (p-value 0.016, OR 3.545), the habit of defecation (p-value 0.017, OR 3.317), and the habit of using footwear (p-value 0.005, OR 13.50) with STH infection. Then there is no relationship between nail habits (p-value 0.118) with STH infection.</em></p> Asrori Asrori, Erwin Edyansyah, Nurhayati Nurhayati, Abdul Mutolib, Witi Karwiti, Hamril Dani Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1411 Sun, 31 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Knowledge about Hypertension and Its Relationship with Medication Adherence in the Hypertension Community https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1512 <p><em>Non-adherence of hypertensive patients in the treatment of their disease has an impact on uncontrolled blood pressure which can worsen the patient's health status and even death. One important factor that must be considered in efforts to improve hypertension compliance is patient knowledge about the disease and the necessary management. This study aimed to determine the relationship between knowledge in supporting practice and compliance with hypertension sufferers in taking antihypertensive drugs. The research design used was cross-sectional descriptive analysis. The sample size for this study was 220 respondents who were recruited using purposive sampling techniques. Analysis of research data was carried out using the chi-square statistical test. A total of 51.8% of hypertensive patients had sufficient knowledge and 65.9% of hypertensive patients admitted that they were not compliant in taking the recommended medication. The value of the test results &lt; α 0.05 (p= 0.000), which means that knowledge is significantly related to adherence to taking medication. Knowledge is the most important component that sufferers must have so that they can be actively involved in compliance practices. It is hoped that these findings can be used as material for consideration in formulating treatment interventions for people with hypertension about efforts to increase patient compliance in terms of taking anti-hypertensive medication.</em></p> Ahmad Abdul Ghofar Abdulloh, Ah. Yusuf, Nuzul Qur'aniati, Vera Veriyallia Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1512 Mon, 22 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Peer Counseling on Adolescent Health Reproductive Skills https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1647 <p><strong><em>ABSTRACT</em></strong></p> <p><strong>Background</strong>: Adolescence is the period of change in an individual from childhood to adulthood that occurs in several changes, which are biological, psychological, and social changes. In general, today’s Indonesian teenagers are experiencing vulnerability to health problems and threats, especially sexual, free sex, and reproductive health problems. The existence of the Information and Counseling Center is to meet the needs of adolescents with information on reproductive health and sexuality without hesitation and embarrassment because they will get the information from peer relations through peer counseling. <strong>Methods</strong>: The population used was the students of the Plus Miftahul Ulum Kalisat Jember junior high school, a total of 80 students. The design of this study used a quasi-experiment with a non-equivalent control group pre-and post-test. The variables measured are knowledge, attitudes, and skills of adolescents related to reproductive health. Data was collected using questionnaires and observation sheets. <strong>Results</strong>: The results of statistical tests using linear regression obtained peer counseling values for knowledge (p=0.000; R=0.254), attitudes (p=0.000; R square=0.432), and skills (p=0.000; R square = 0.191). <strong>Conclusion</strong>: Peer counseling can increase knowledge, attitudes, and skills in junior high school girls as well as drug and drug abuse. Hopefully, the school will continue to collaborate with health education institutions or services to continue the improvement of the abilities of counselors who attend peer counseling</p> Kustin Kustin, Yuni Handayani Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1647 Sat, 06 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Analysis of the Risk Factors of Hepatitis A Outbreaks at Islamic Boarding School X, Rokan Hilir Regency, Riau https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1796 <p><em>In January 2023, an outbreak of Hepatitis A occurred at Islamic Boarding School (IBS) X, Rokan Hilir Regency, which infected many students. This study aims to</em> <em>identify the risk factors for hepatitis A outbreaks.</em> <em>This study uses a case-control design with a ratio of 1:1. Total sample is 232 (116 samples per group). The research population was all students and residents of IBS X. Cases were people who have clinical criteria for hepatitis A according to the doctor's diagnosis. Controls were people who did not experience clinical symptoms of hepatitis A, selected using a consecutive sampling method with matching by age and sex.</em> <em>Data were analyzed univariate, bivariate</em><em> using a chi-square test</em><em>, and multivariate</em><em> using</em> <em>a </em><em>conditional logistic regression test</em><em>.</em> <em>This study found that the index case started to feel symptoms on October 20, 2022. The epidemic curve shows a continuous common source pattern.</em> <em>The final model of</em> <em>the </em><em>regression logistic test obtained two significant variables, namely contact history (OR=9.92, 95% CI: 3.31-29.72, p=&lt;0.001) and unclean nail conditions (OR=4.64, 95% CI: 1.55-13.87, p=0.006). This study concluded that the risk factors for hepatitis A outbreaks at IBS X were contact history and unclean nail conditions.</em> <em>We recommend isolating cases to prevent transmission through contact from cases to healthy people</em><em> as well as </em><em>providing adequate facilities for washing hands with soap</em><em> and </em><em>increasing education about healthy behavior</em><em> to maintain good nail cleanliness and personal hygiene conditions for all students and residents of</em> <em>IBS X.</em></p> Said Mardani, Helda, Rajunitrigo, Irwan Muryanto Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1796 Sat, 25 May 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Effectiveness of Pragnancy e-Counseling (PeC) on Prenatal Helath Behavior During the Covid-19 Pandemic https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1386 <p><em>The majority of pregnant women during the covid-19 pandemic reluctant to prenatal care for fear of being exposed to the virus, so online counseling is an alternative. The purpose of this study was to identify the effectiveness of Pregnancy e-Counselling (PeC) on prenatal health behavior during pregnancy during the Covid-19 period. This research is a quasi-experimental research with Pre-Post Test With Control Group Design. The sampling technique was simple random sampling on 94 respondents divided by 47 pregnant women in the control group and 47 in the intervention group in 6 health centers in Aceh Besar. The PeC intervention began with a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) followed by online counseling guided by a counselor accompanied by the provision of specially designed videos about the health of pregnant women during the Covid-19 period. The instrument used was the standard Prenatal Health Behavior Scale (PHBS) questionnaire. The results showed a significant difference between prenatal health behavior before and after PeC in the intervention group with the Wilcoxon Test (p=0.000), and at post-test between the control and intervenstion Mann-Whitney Test (p=0.000). Conclusion PeC is a very effective method to improve maternal health behavior during pregnancy, especially during a pandemic. So it is highly recommended that PeC can be applied as part of a pregnancy visit to improve prenatal health</em></p> Mira Rizkia, Elka Halifah, Dara Ardhia, Darmawati Darmawati, Martina Martina Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1386 Thu, 18 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Effectiveness of Psycho-education Through Music in Increasing the Self-Esteem of Risk-Adolescents https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1459 <p>The development of adolescence is very important throughout the life cycle. At this time, there is a change in adolescents' experience of fundamental physical and psychological. They also do not yet have effective coping experiences, causing difficulties in managing their emotions and behavior. The low self-esteem in adolescents causes them to be unable to maximize their potential. This study aimed to see an increase in self-esteem in at-risk adolescents by applying psychoeducation through music at SMPN 39 Padang. This quantitative study was designed in a "Quasi-experimental pre-posttest control group" by applying psychoeducational therapy through music using social media. The results of the analysis showed that there was an effect of psychoeducation through music on changes in the self-esteem of at-risk adolescents before and after the intervention in the treated group. The results of the statistical test can be concluded that there was a significant increase in self-esteem before and after giving psychoeducational therapy through music (Pvalue &lt;0.05). The average self-esteem of at-risk adolescents in the group that received psychoeducation through music was 1.85 lower than the group that did not receive psychoeducation through music. Self-esteem in adolescents at risk differed significantly between the group that received psychoeducation through music and the group that did not receive psychoeducation through music.</p> Heppi Sasmita, Tasman, Deviaroza, N Rachmadanur, Murniati Muchtar Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1459 Sun, 31 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Correlation Between Medication Adherence and Relapse in Schizophrenia Patients at The Working Area of Kasihan II Community Health Center Bantul Yogyakarta https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1582 <p><em>Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder that necessitates long-term care and treatment. One of the frequent problems encountered in the treatment and medication of schizophrenia patients is drug withdrawal (20%). Drug withdrawal occurs when patients fail to comply with their medication regimen, and it is recognized as a significant factor that causes relapse. People with schizophrenia who experience a relapse in the region are (10%). Objective of the research Investigate the relationship between medication adherence and relapse in the working area of Kasihan II Community Health Center, Bantul, Yogyakarta. </em><em>This research is correlational research carried out by utilizing a quantitative method. A cross-sectional approach was employed as the research design. The research was conducted within the working area of Kasihan II Community Health Center in Bantul, Yogyakarta, encompassing a population of 238 respondents and a sample size of 78 respondents. The research employed purposive sampling as the sampling technique. Data collection was carried out through door-to-door interviews. A recurrence measurement questionnaire and a Medication Adherence Rating Scale (MARS-10). The data obtained were then analyzed using the Kendal Tau test. The research found that 50 respondents (64.1%) had a high level of medication adherence, while 50 respondents (64.1%) had a low level of relapse.</em> <em>Therefore, it is hoped that the provision of knowledge about drugs such as the effects, benefits, and functions of drugs to ODS will be given attention so that they can understand and understand the drugs they are taking.</em></p> Putri Lia Sari, Mulyanti Mulyanti, Catur Kurniawan, Ika Mustika Dewi Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1582 Tue, 02 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Progressive Intervention Measures in HIV Stigma Reduction among Health Care Workers: A Scoping Review https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1785 <p><em>Stigma plays a significant role in creating disparities in health services experienced by PLWHA, thus becoming a barrier for them to access prevention, care, and treatment services. Therefore, the role of health workers is crucial. This study aims to review and critically evaluate the type and scope of interventions that have been conducted to reduce HIV/AIDS-related stigma among health workers. This study is a scoping review using PRISMA guidelines. Journal and article searches were conducted through electronic databases, including ScienceDirect, Cochrane Library, Embase, Garuda Portal, PubMed, Scopus, and Sage Journals. Fourteen articles were discussed in this review. Interventions that successfully reduced stigma were those provided with individual emphasis by disseminating information, interacting, and training. In addition, structural approaches such as developing and disseminating policies in hospitals, providing material to facilitate the practice of universal precautions, and adding curriculum in health schools). The results obtained from the intervention significantly reduced stigma among health workers with a combined approach, which showed higher effectiveness than the single approach. Interventions to reduce stigma need to be sufficiently carried out with an individual-based approach, but interventions with a structural approach must also be considered. Suggest further research by analyzing or exploring potential synergies between these two approaches.</em></p> Vivi Triana, Nursyirwan Effendi, Brian Sri Prahastuti, Cimi Ilmiawati Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1785 Sat, 06 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Effect of Foot Care Education Using Video Media on the Behavior of Preventing Diabetic Wounds in Diabetes Mellitus https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1337 <p><em>Diabetes Mellitus (DM) occurs due to high blood sugar levels which can cause various complications. A chronic complication of DM in Indonesia is 15% diabetic foot. The role of education is very important to prevent the risk of diabetic wounds. This study aimed to determine the effect of providing foot care education with video media on the prevention of diabetic wounds in type 2 DM patients. The design of this study was pre-experimental with the type of One-group pretest-posttest design. The sample of this study amounted to 33 people with the Probability Sampling technique. The research instrument was a questionnaire sheet. The results of the univariate analysis were dominated by female respondents, average age 49.52 years, high school education level (48.5%), and household work (51.5%). The behavior of respondents before and after being given education using video has increased namely the mean knowledge value from 7.91 to 9.97, the mean attitude value from 29.67 to 31.73, and the mean value of action from 6.30 to 7.97. The results of the bivariate analysis could conclude that there was an effect of foot care education on the behavior of preventing diabetic wounds in type 2 DM patients. This study suggests to Payung Sekaki Health Center that foot care education with video media can be given to DM patients.</em></p> Desi Apriani, Bayu Saputra, Riau Roslita Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1337 Wed, 03 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Risk Analysis of Occupational Safety and Health Using the HIRARC Method on Nurses at the Inpatient Installation of RSI Ibnu Sina Pekanbaru https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1430 <p><em>Nurses in carrying out their duties have the risk of having a work accident or getting an occupational disease. Based on data from RSI Ibnu Sina Pekanbaru it was recorded that work accidents that occurred to nurses included cases of being stabbed by a needle, slipping, officers being squeezed by a stretcher, and slashing. The purpose of this study was to analyze hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk control using the HIRARC Method for Nurses at the Inpatient Installation of RSI Ibnu Sina Pekanbaru with 10 informants. Data collection used in-depth interviews, observation, and document review methods. Data was processed using the triangulation method. The results showed the identification of dangers, namely needle stick wounds, contracting Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS, wrong posture and anxiety about contracting infectious diseases, high-risk assessment of drug injection, infusion, blood sampling, and control. Risk, namely substitution, administrative, and personal protective equipment. The conclusion of this study states that the identification of hazards in inpatient installations are mechanical hazards, biological hazards, ergonomic hazards, and psychosocial hazards. The highest risk value is mechanical hazards, namely needle sticks resulting in needle stick wounds and contracting infectious diseases. The existing hazard controls are SOP and personal protective equipment. Suggestions need to be increased monitoring of officer compliance, socialization of SPOs, monitoring of incident reporting, ergonomic training, and routine health check programs.</em></p> Yusmaini Yusmaini, Endang Purnawati Rahayu, Agus Alamsyah Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1430 Sat, 06 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Analysis of Factors Related to the Implementation of Early Initiation of Breastfeeding https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1551 <p><em>Early Initiation of Breastfeeding is the process of breastfeeding the baby immediately after birth, where the baby is left to find his own mother's nipple which is done at least one hour immediately after birth. Nationally, the percentage of newborns who received IMD was 82.7% and in North Lampung Regency it reached 95.1%, and at RSD Mayjend HM Hospital. Ryacudu only 33.04% of mothers who successfully perform IMD. Unsuccessful implementation of IMD can have an impact on increasing the high mortality and morbidity rates. This study aimed to determine the factors related to the implementation of IMD at RSD Mayjend HM. Ryacudu, North Lampung Regency in 2023. This research was quantitative with a cross-sectional design. The population in this study were all mothers giving birth at RSD Mayjend HM. Ryacudu, North Lampung Regency in February-March 2023, with a total of 93 people. The sample in this study used a total sampling of 93 people. The research instrument used was a questionnaire and an observation sheet. Data analysis in this study used univariate, bivariate (chi-square), and multivariate (multiple logistic regression). The results of this study indicate that there was a relationship between education (p-value 0.040 and OR 2.630), type of delivery (p-value 0.005 and OR 3.860), knowledge (p-value 0.027 and OR 2.856), attitude (p-value 0.020 and OR 2.951), and support health workers (p-value 0.000 and 5.438) with implementation. There was no relationship between parity (p-value 0.427) and family support (p-value 0.138) with the implementation of IMD. The dominant factor most related to the implementation of IMD was the variable type of delivery with an OR of 12.535. Advice for mothers giving birth either by sectio caesarea or vaginally can play an active role in carrying out IMD, that Mothers can also find information from both print and online media.</em></p> Evi Herlinda, Wayan Aryawati, Dhiny Easter Yanti, Anita Bustami, Christin Angelina F Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1551 Wed, 24 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Differences in Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior of Mothers in the Practice of Giving Wearning Food Using Educational Videos https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1648 <p><strong><em>Introductio</em></strong><em>n: Malnutrition in early life can impact later life. In Indonesia, the determinant cause of malnutrition is inadequate complementary feeding. Lack of knowledge, misguided beliefs, and food taboos are also factors that determine complementary feeding. For this reason, the community needs to be given education about nutrition and health behavior through appropriate IEC. <strong>Objectives of the study</strong>: To determine the difference in knowledge, attitude, and behavior of mothers in the practice of breastfeeding using Educational Video. <strong>Methods</strong>: This study is a pre-experimental study with one group pretest and post-test. The study was conducted from January to December 2023 in Pekanbaru City.</em> <strong><em>Results/findings</em></strong><em>: The results of the Wilcoxon test showed that there was a significant difference between the knowledge variables before and after the provision of educational videos with a value of p = 0.000 (p &lt;0.05) and there was a significant difference between the attitude variables before and after the provision of educational videos with a value of p = 0.000 (p &lt;0.05). but there was no significant difference between the behavior variables before and after the provision of educational videos with a value of p = 0.209 (p&gt;0.05). <strong>Conclusion</strong>: Education with video media in mothers who have children aged 6-24 months can improve knowledge and attitudes, but there is no difference in maternal behavior in providing complementary food.</em></p> Yolahumaroh Yolahumaroh, Dewi Erowati, Yessi Marlina Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1648 Sat, 06 Apr 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Analysis Effect of Density, Crowded and Socio-Economic on the Psychological Well-Being of Housewives https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1334 <p><em>The level of psychological well-being is a form of mental health through the achievement of the individual's relationship with the surrounding environment, consisting of social interactions, personal relationships, and life satisfaction. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of density, tightness, and socioeconomic status on the psychological well-being of housewives (IRT). The research method is correlated with a cross-sectional design and sampling technique using simple random sampling totaling 171 IRT. The place of research is in one of the coastal areas of Pekanbaru City, Riau. The questionnaire used is divided into 4, namely density, tightness, socio-economic, and Ryff's Psychological Well-Being Scale (RPWB). The results of the study found that there were problems of density (62.6%), social congestion (5.3%), and space congestion (6.4%) as well as low economic problems (58.5%). The results of this study indicate that there is no relationship between density (p = 0.158) of crowding (p = 0.693) and socioeconomic (p = 0.777), with the level of psychological well-being (p &gt; 0.05). The researcher suggests that further studies are needed on the factors that influence people living in densely populated areas based on the values ​​and culture they hold.</em></p> Eka Febriyanti, Zulfan Saam, Sri Wahyuni Copyright (c) 2024 Jurnal kesehatan komunitas (Journal of community health) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 https://jurnal.htp.ac.id/index.php/keskom/article/view/1334 Sun, 31 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0000