Available Online at 1 Januari 2017

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25311/keskom/2015/3.1

Published: Nov 1, 2015

The Influence of Physical Parameters and Microbiology Leachet to the Health of Environment at TPA muara Fajar Rumbai Pekanbaru

4-8 Riski Novera Yenita, Ade Pulasta Siprana

Analyze the Attitudes and Knowledge of Mothers Through Home Gardening and Nutritional Education in Guided Village Tenayan Raya Pekanbaru

9-16 Rini Harianti, Fajar Sari Tanberika

Relationship Between Pregnancy Exercises and Low Back Pain Issue For Pregnant Women at Their Third Quarter Period of Pregnancy

17-20 Miratu Megasari

The Correlations of Breathing Techniques With The Progress of Childbirth

21-24 Ika Putri Damayanti

Relationship Between Education, Knowledge and the Role of Health Worker and the Intra Uterine Device (IUD) in the Health Center Area of Muara Fajar Pekanbaru

25-28 Risa Pitriani

Factors Associated with Incidence of Maternal Preeclampsia in Camar II ward Arifin Achmad Hospital in Riau Province Year 2014

29-33 Novita Lusiana Sarmin

The Factors Affect the Selection of Contraception in Community Health Center Rambah Samo Kabupaten Rokan Hulu


Factors that deals withAccuracy of the Midwife’ Diagnosis in Rifering the Pragnancy Case Patient and High Risk Childbirth at the General Hospital of Arifin Achmad of Riau in 2014

41-46 Desmariyenti ., Nurlisis Nurlisis

The Use of Traditional Remedies by Diabetics Mellitus and Factors Associated in The Work Area Puskesmas Rejosari Pekanbaru 2015

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