Available Online at 1 JanuariĀ 2017

Published: May 1, 2016

The Helminthiasis on The State Elementary School Student on Kecamatan Rumbai Pesisir Pekanbaru

53-58 Sri Kartini
Read Statistic: 842

For Granting Information And Completeness Informed Consent In The District General Hospital Bangkinang ( RSUD Bangkinang )

59-64 Haryani Octaria, Wen Via Trisna
Read Statistic: 388

The Performance Of Nursing In Hospital Bhayangkara Pekanbaru

65-68 Nur Maimun, Afri Yelina
Read Statistic: 298

Participation Traders Separating Waste in Pasar Baru Tampan sub District Pekanbaru City

69-72 Beny Yulianto
Read Statistic: 366

Occurrence of Low Back Pain in The Mechanical Part UPT Mechanization in Crops And Horticulture Department of Riau Province

73-78 Kursiah Warti Ningsih, Dwi Sapta, Rudi Fernando
Read Statistic: 354

The association of pregnant women trimester I knowledge with genesis abortion in RSUD Arifin Achmad Pekanbaru

79-82 Rita Afni
Read Statistic: 218

Factors of The Mother Related to Obstructed Labour Case at RSUD Arifin Achmad Pekanbaru

83-87 Yulrina Ardhiyanti, Susi Susanti
Read Statistic: 487

The Factors That Deals In A Medical Treatment By Those With Pulmonary Tuberculosis BTA + In The Work Area Puskesmas Harapan Raya

88-92 Khamidah ., Herlina Susmaneli
Read Statistic: 174

Effectiveness Of Addition Of Activated Carbon Shell Oil Palm (Elaeis Guineensis) Filtration Process Water In Wells

93-98 Muhammad Fadhillah, Denay Wahyuni
Read Statistic: 279